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Top 3 Domain Name Registrars

Over the years I have encountered 3 main domain name registrar companies  being mentioned. I have always dealt with godaddy but I will jot down some others that I see mentioned quite a bit.

  •  godaddy: I have used them for both domain registry and hosting. Customer support is excellent.
  • : never dealt with them but has been mentioned by a few experts
  • : I just remembered why I don’t use networksolutions anymore. It’s darn expensive to purchase a domain name from them

Free Blogging Softwares

Free Hosted Blogging Platforms
  • free ( or paid ) custom design templates ( I am bolding the word free because I am a freebiephil)
  •  integrated statistics ( halleluya, I don’t have to deal with inserting those codes from google buried somewhere in the net universe)
  • automatic spam protection ( while my content is no  New York Times, I will not be pissed by some genius spam hackers)
  •  It is hard to beat for general personal blogging for beginners.
  • powered by google hence saves time if you have a gmail account ( no need to sign up again)
  • easy to integrate google adsense
  • somewhat clunky designs
  • by far the easiest blogging platform to use albeit not my favorite
Self Hosted Blogging Platforms ( separate hosting required and software needs to be downloaded)

Since I am a newbie I haven’t tried the self-hosted blogging platforms ( in fear of actually having to install stuff and deal with hosting back-ends ) .

The following article by a seemingly very techiephil writer has excellent  explanations of the above :