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For those in a hurry, the short version of About me is here

After years of curiosity, I am f. inally putting my foot down and starting to blog. Like anything else in life, I have to start somewhere right?

I hope to learn and grow as I write about how to blog for beginners.

What credentials do I have? None ( wait. Can I count those two internet marketing seminars I attended and the only happy time was when we were eating dinner? )

However, over the years, I have amassed bits and pieces of info enough to make me motivated to start a blog about blogging ( how ingenious haha).

What not to expect from this blog: perfect English ( English is not my first language) .  Statistical analysis, charts, gadzillion amount of research comparison data that would make Wall Street’s financial software look like Windows XP.

What to expect from this blog: a place for beginners to get an idea of what type of blogging means/tools/methods are out there.

If you are left brained ( I tend to think this is the majority of men- I may be wrong. It’s just a loosely based theory I have based on no one’s research) : you may want to skip the italicized writings.

If you are right brained ( I tend to think this is people with creative and artistic sense. I may be wrong also. Anyhoot, pay attention to the italicized writings through the blog and criticize as much as you would like. DO NOT pay attention to the current free template design I am using. I will eventually change it up to make Dolce and Gabbana proud. Right now I am just sticking to the Nike motto).


Predominantly right brained chick from Seoul ( No I haven’t visited the DPRK – yet ( aka North Korea)) with slight occasional tendencies of left brain activity running through.

Irrelevant passing thought: Why does North Korea call itself DPRK ( democratic people’s republic of Korea)

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