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“How to make your Jindo dog stop barking”- Keyword Research

June 2, 2011

I woke up this morning yet again to my Jindo ( Korean dog breed) dog Maria’s barking. This is what a jindo dog looks like.

Maria didn’t want her photos taken for the online world.

Awhile back, a genius friend of mine who majored in biochem told me to feed her some benadryl. I used the Korean local search engine ( Koreans develop their own everything related to IT) to find benadryl and the result was a blog stating that in Korea benadryl is not sold.

So, I went on a quest to find some answers to my question.

First, I typed in “How to make my jindoghe stop barking” with the local Korean regional setting.Result: 0 searches

I changed my setting to global. Result: 0 searches.

I decided to make a change in my title search and typed in “How to make your Jindo dog stop barking” realizing I was typing Jindo ( region) Ghe ( dog in Korean) and not Jindo dog ( duh…yellow dust getting into my brain again).

Result: only searches relevant to dog training and sorts popped up without Jindo Dog being mentioned anywhere.

I was fed up and just went into google’s main area to type this keyterm.

And lo’behold I found a site dedicated solely to  Jindo dogs although on a closer look, it didn’t seem to be specifically relevant to Jindo dogs, rather seemed to be a template to promote ebooks on dog training.

Oh well…..Maybe I need to find Caesar, that dog training psychic specialist.

He would be too expensive to fly to Korea though.

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